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Wearing lashes has always been very intimating for me. Magnetic lashes has changed my life!

Why I love it: Easier to apply; less Messier than Lashes glue; more safe as it stick to skin and not your lash; great for sensitive skin; can be used more than once (Up to 40 times); more hygienic; and it’s easy to clean

Bonus: your eyeliner doesn’t have to be perfect 😜.

Prisca S.

Social Media Influencer, @sincerelyprisca

I am so enjoying my magnetic lashes. The Ochi lashes are super lightweight, it feels like I am not wearing anything at all.

Tasha K.

Model, @ahsattasha

I never heard of magnetic lashes, I never even knew it was a thing. I am horrible when it comes to putting on make up, or anything to do with beauty as a matter of fact. I am such a tomboy.

When I put on the “Tun Up” lashes, I couldn’t believe how
1. It transformed my face
2. Easy it was to look beautiful!

Kara R.

marketing specialist, @karadesigns.ca

Definitely the best magnetic lashes😍

Saskie Annie

Social Media Influencer, @saskie

Glue destroyed my natural lashes that is why I am so happy I found Island Lashup! They really are some quality lashes!
Jojo T.

I’m so in love with these magnetic lashes from @islandlashup
Shireen R.